Making the most out of Too Good To Go

  1. Please ensure that you arrive at the establishment on time. If you show up early, please wait outside. If you are late, you will not be served food.
  2. Make sure you go to the right place, particularly if you are ordering from a chain which has more than one location. The address will be clearly specified on your personal receipt.
  3. Please do not redeem your personal receipt, it has to be done by the food vendor you purchased food from (temporary bug: some receipts in the US are used even though you have not slide the redeem button. Don’t worry, food vendors will double check payments and serve you food).
  4. You are always encourage to bring your own bags and cutleries. We don’t provide plastic cutleries so as not to create more waste.
  5. Spread the word! If you enjoy using Too Good To Go please don’t keep it a secret. We need your help to make it a success so we can save a lot more food! Give us a like, share, follow, and recommend us to your friends.


What does it cost to use Too Good To Go?
It is absolutely free to use Too Good To Go, but you will have to pay for the food.

What it is the food I am purchasing?
You are buying part of the unsold food from the day. We describe in our listings some examples of the items you can get by purchasing food through our app and we also specify the quantity. It is part of the concept to not know exactly what food you will get, but we make sure everything is delicious and fresh from the day.

How do I cancel an order after I have placed it?
You can cancel your order before the Too Good To Go sales end for our food vendors. We want to make sure your meal is available for sale for someone else. There is no refund after the collection time specified on your receipt.

What if there is no more food left?
We are constantly communicating with our food vendors to make sure the food you purchase will be there when you will pick it up. In the rare event of no more food left, we will of course refund you and apologise for the inconvenience.

Can I save my payment information?
Yes. You will be asked to create a password so you can easily and safely place new orders, without typing in your payment information on your next purchase.

Is my payment info secure?
Yes. We will never share any of your credit card information with anyone! That’s a little secret we have got between you and us.

How do I change my credit card information?
When you have logged into your account you can change, edit or remove your credit card information at any time.

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